Thursday, November 21, 2013

(Preview) The Heirs Ep 14 Eng Sub

Mrs Han: Keep  in your room. Do not get out. Rachel is here.
Rachel : Why did you come to be a  Eun Sang's mother in parent smeeting  ? 

Chairman Kim : Why is there a sudden change in an employee ?
Secretary Yoon : You have started a war .

Won : You decide. Am I going to put your name in the very last row of the list or not ?

Myung Soo : What happens if you and Cha Eun Sang both fell in the water ?
Young Do : I think I 'll save the Cha Eun Sang and make his life without me .

Young and Bo Na Chan : Thank you for coming in a party refer Yoon Chan Young and Lee Bo Na .
 Eun Sang : It is the drink orders .

Rachel : I called the service across because I think we have less drink at the party .

Tan : Did not I mean anything to you ?

Sang Eun : Because of you, your problem is so many .

Tan : Ever since I was born , my problem is already been flooded .
Tan : Should we run away ? Do you want to go to America with me ?

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