Tuesday, November 19, 2013

6 Most Dramatic Moments of The Heirs

Many people think that this drama is like a copy of Boys Before Flowers starred by the same actor Lee Minho. Are you agree with that? Since I'm not a fan of BBF so I guess it doesn't matter whether they look alike or not because I truly enjoy The Heirs in every episode.

There are some dramatic moment captured in the drama. Go below to find out!

6. Eun Sang and Tan Cry

It is in the last episode 12 when Tan just fought and slapped by his father because he decided to end up his engagement with Rachel. I swear I wanna hug him at the moment! Seeing Tan's crying, Eun Sang couldn't help but feel the feeling and crying too.

5. Won and Tan

You may hate Won's character because sometimes he acts like a sh*t... But deep in his heart he loves his brother and really care about him. Kindda sweet, huh?

4. Young Do Almost Cry

Can you see how fragile he is? When Eun Sang reject his invitation to eat noodle. Well, you can take me at least :P

3. Tears for Rachel

Rachel and Young Do are never happy about their parents marriage. I don't know, may be Rachel still hoping her biological father and mother can be together. So sad... and Tan came in the very perfect time to comfort her.

2. Hyon Shin and His Mom

There must be something very wrong with parents in this drama. What Hyo Shin's mom thinking actually when her son want to tell her the reason he tried to suicide?? She didn't even wanna know.

1. Kim Tan and His Mom

I love Tan's mom character! She's so funny and beautiful! But when they cry together is just a very sad moment :(

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