Monday, November 11, 2013

Preview The Heirs Ep. 11 Eng Sub

Some pieces from The Heirs Drama.. I've been falling in love with this drama..
The actors and actress are my favorites. Lee Minho is getting cuter and cuter :*

Eng Sub :
YD: Don't listen, and don't get hurt. Give me an answer and I'll stop asking.  
ES: Is this considered a conversation to you? 
YD: Do you really like KT? 
Wife: Let me see the notebook. Take it out (most probably to ES's mom) 
KT's mom: What are you doing to our ahjumma now? 
Wife: You hired someone to follow me secretly?  
Wife: If T is going to accept this present, his stock could be higher than yours'. 
T: If your back is facing towards me, I'll backhug you. If you talk back, I', gonna kiss you (LOL) 
T's mom: What are you guys doing? Are you guys crazy? Are you all dating? All along have you all been hiding it from me? 
-- This part onwards it's kind of vague. Sorry >< 
ES: Are you really gonna do this? This is your true heart?  
YD: What I've just done, is what KT is gonna do next time.  
YD: CES is gonna be called as the third party (between T's and R's engagement) 
T: Shut up. Can you bear the consequences? 
cre: baidu and heartlessface @youtube

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