Monday, November 18, 2013

(Preview) The Heirs Ep 13 Eng Sub

cr : SBSNOW1

Rachel: What are you planning to do?
Young Do: I plan to shut your mouth.
Young Do: This isn’t a request, it’s a warning.
Tan: I am asking you who were you with at night? You have been caught.

Eun Sang: Do you have morbid jealously?
Young Do: Are you two friends?
Tan: We’re lovers.
Tan’s dad: Is it named Cha Eun Sang? Prepare her to send her abroad.

Eun Sang: What are you going to do now?
Tan: I’ll study hard and succeed.
Eun Sang: You might as well go to KPOP Star!
Tan: No no, I can’t sing well.
Ki Ae: Where is Tan? Did he come to see you? He came, right?
Tan: I came, why!
Ki Ae: Let’s go home.
Tan: I’m not going.
KA: Are you two planning to be together or what?
Eun Sang: Have a good dream.
Tan: I’m already dreaming. You are there.

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