Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I just changed mine too and I got confused how to change Blog Title there because I never paid too much attention on the setting :P my bad!

Y So first, you just log in to your blog.
Y Then go to your old blog title beside "Dashbord" button. (mine was ChapChay Chacing)
Y Click on "Costumize" button on the right side
Y Find the info tab on the left side then delete the old name and type the new one. Save it!

You're done!

Monday, June 25, 2012

#Random :: Traditional Boat of my Province

It's called Jukung.

How to:: Get away from Flu/Influenza

It is a very annoying condition for me when I have flu and make me sneezing all the day.

Here is a little tips you can try at home. Very easy and helpful as I've tried.

● Take 5 glass of hot boiled water on a bowl.
● Add about 3 drops of Cajuput oil there.
● Grab a towel and cover all of your face above the bowl with hot water and cajuput oil.
● Take a very slow breathe while you sniff the aroma.
● Do it some times as you feel better but do not take a fast breathe because it's gonna be bad for your nose.

No medicine and very easy to do.
Hope it works with you too :)