Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Little Storm in Palangka Raya

What date is it? Is there any special moment I left behind?
Oh yeah. It's a day when I barely died in the middle of a storm.
And I'm not kidding now. I'm serious!

There was bad weather today at about 2pm to 3pm.
The wind blew so strong and made many 'things' flew away all the place.
How poor I am, was driving on the road to my campus and thought that I'm gonna be late so I ignore my intuition to stop, find a safe place! I just pray that God will save me because I've never seen this kind of storm all my life.
It's rare thing to be happen in this city of Palangka Raya.

I don't have any picture about the damage-- fallen tree, broken wall and roof-- caused by its storm but I do learn that you CAN depend on God in every situation and He WILL help you and protect you just like me today.

I don't have any great words to describe how grateful I am today seeing the damage around the town and seeing my self ALIVE now.

God is great! Just ask and you'll receive :)

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