Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Final Project English For Business

This is a task  in English For Business subject about :

  • Business Letter
  • Advertisement
Business Letter

Request To Send Information

December 27, 2010

14 Akhmad Yani Street
Palangkaraya, PKY 73244

Dear Triana,

We know that you are a great clothing company that produce high quality clothes, particularly Batik Products. We are interested in looking for information about your new Batik Products as well as its materials. We would greatly appreciate receiving any information, brochures and price lists you may have in order to learn more about your products. Please send the information to:

Attention: Hermione Granger
Canadian Clothing Inc.
1242A Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario
L4D 4F2

I thank you in advance and look forward to studying the materials you send me.


Hermione Granger



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