Saturday, May 2, 2009

His Name is Mine..

I must confess that I don't know nothing with what will happen in my life...
Just like now..
Suddenly I'm fallin' in love*again* with him..
And who knows it will be placed in Taiwan*far from South Korea...*

God...what should I do,,??
Is it because of his angry face,,?? - Image Hosting Gratis, Foto Hosting

His sweet smile,,?? - Image Hosting Gratis, Foto Hosting

Or his beutiful voice,,?? - Image Hosting Gratis, Foto Hosting

Well,,I really don't know anything...
The only thing I'm sure is I'm fallin in love with him
He just stole my heart!!
Everything is his fault!!hahahh...

unfortunately I don't really know about Taiwan because my second country is South Korea..LOL..
But, it's ok..
I will find out more about him..
First time I saw him is in Pi Li MIT(Mysterious Incredible Terminator)Taiwan drama..
He acts as Zhan Shi De..Ummm so cute^^,,hohhhh..
He's one of Fahrenheit member and he's 41 degres it mean winter^^

Name: Yan Ya Lun
English name: Aaron Yan / Arron Yan
Real name: Wu Genglin
Profession: Singer, Actor
Birthdate: 1986-Nov-20
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 177cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood type: O
Star Sign: Scorpio
Music group: Fahrenheit
Talent agency: Comic International Productions Co., Ltd.

but there's something I promise...
He won't chance SHINee's place in my heart..hahahh
Fighting SHINee..
No matter waht will happen!!!

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