Friday, November 21, 2014

When will you get married?

“When will you get married?” So many people ask me that question like each time they see my face. It’s not a big deal for me at all, but it just make me think that; do they really think I’m ready enough to be a wife? A mother? Because I’m only 22 years old for your information Madam, Sir. I’m too young and not ready at all – this now on. I agree that maturity is not about age, it’s inside your mind. However, you can’t get rid of how age can define someone’s maturity. I don’t think marriage in a very young age—20 – 23 yo – is a good choice.  I live in a eastern society and people used to marriage in young age. It even become a disaster when a girl not married yet in age of 25 yo! How come? I just don’t get it. I don’t avoid married in young age. I just hope that people get married because they want to, they’re ready for it. Not due to the society. 

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