Wednesday, September 18, 2013

End and Begin

So can we call it as the ending of everything ? No more school, no more task, no more homework -- wait, people will ALWAYS have it -- no more classmate! I just realized it today when I met one of my friends who is going to Japan next week. Seeing his face made me think that I will not see him for about a year later. But it doesn't matter because it's only a year, then it woke me up in  a second. It is for lifetime. Well, I mean yes, indeed, we will meet again someday. SOMEDAY. Can you see that?? And it's not only something to do with him but with all of my friends. We'd spent about 4years together. In up and down. We'd been through all the things -- not really, but almost-- all the things. Now everything comes to an end. Each of us will make our own story further. In real life. I do really mean REAL life. After the graduation.

It's not that easy to accept a new routine in your life. However, maybe it's just because it's me. Which is mean me, the one who always be over-thinking of something. I don't know.  Or maybe because I'm kindda melodramatic person. You can say. I cannot pretend like I'm ok with everything happening now. I'm sad. I'm a bit confused. It's hard to move on when it's about me. I love my life. Before this. And I HAVE to love my life after this. I just hope that one day when we meet again, I can say that I am a better person. In everything. And my friends do the same. That we--all of us-- will be succeed in anything we hold. I will never forget ESA 2009. You are part of my life. Forever and ever. I may not know all of you in person but I'll still love you guys. I can't wish for any better friends but you all. Everything was just too perfect. It hurts me thinking that there's no more story in class anymore but it makes me happy too by thinking that we are the best grade.  Unless,  for me. Because everything will be seen as HOW you WANT to see. We're the chosen on. So, no farewell but a pray. One day, when the time comes, there's always be a beautiful story among us!

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