Friday, July 15, 2011

(Review) Milli dan Nathan

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It's a little review about an Indonesian Movie I watched just couple weeks ago.

Milli and Nathan liked each other from high school in Bandung. Nathan is a smart student who likes to help Milli study. Milli is a humorous girl. She always tell Nathan to not being so serious. They were dating. Until high school, Nathan went to his dream university in Jakarta but, Milli still stayed in Bandung. Nathan decided to broke up with her because he wanted to concentrate with his study in college. Milli otherwise, does not like college, she wanted to be a novelist. They still miss each other. Milli until finally really quit college and wrote a book.

In Milli's visit to Jakarta, he met Nathan again. They let go of longing like the courtship. Milligan returned to Bandung by believing that they are back together. Unfortunately, Nathan did not think so. Milli was so disappointed. Launching his first novel, Milli was accompanied by a new boyfriend. Nathan came over and expressed regret, ask Milli back to being her boyfriend again. Milli angry. According to Milligan, Nathan was casually coming and going in his life. Milli does not accept Nathan

Nathan returned to Jakarta and successfully graduated. Milli busy again with his second novel. Milligan then broke up with her boyfriend. Nathan returned to Bandung. They are in touch again, a commitment to remain in obscurity. Until Nathan gave the news that she will marry ... with another woman and will move to Jakarta. Milli shocked. Disappointed and angry

Life continues. Milli remove Nathan from his life. Until finally Milli know that Nathan never really left.

Genre: Drama
Producer: Frederica
Production: Falcon Pictures
Length: 110
s: 21 Cineplex
indo-english : cha2riza@dailyme19

I love the way they provide some beautiful views on this film. But , the story given is a bit ordinary I think... well, just saying :)

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