Friday, July 15, 2011

How To Know Your Patronus

I love Harry Potter since mid school...
Once try, you couldn't stop reading this book. Trust me..!
Now, you can know what your Patronus form is by clicking here

In the Harry Potter series, a Patronus is a charm meant to help defend yourself against dementors *something that can steal you happiness*. Remus Lupin taught the spell to Harry in his third year. It creates an etherial creature that can deliver messages and chase away bad guys.

Read more: WikiAnswer

First, think about your powerful memory...
The happiest you can remember...
Allow it to fill you up...
Then the application will show what your patronus is!
And mine was Stag!

The noble stag is known for its strength and speed. It's form of Harry Potter's patronus! Yay!!

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