Friday, April 4, 2014

Divergent Movie -- After Watch

I won't make any review about it, I think you guys already know maybe better than me and I have to admit that I'm soooo late to know it-- as always :(

I watched it today and officially become a fan of this story. I never know about the novel *sigh~~* but I've heard some rumors about the movie but it wasn't on my waiting list. I came to the theater to watch another movie but then me and my boyfriend debated about what should we watch and I won *as always toooo.. haha!* 
He didn't really excited because I told him the story is about romance, when lately I know it much more than that. I'm planning on reading the novel soon. I kindly person who loves novel more than the movie actually, considering in novel you are totally free to imagine every scene and every moment for your own self.

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