Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Late A Fan of Reply 1997

I don't know about you guys but now I'm deeply falling in love with this TvN Drama Reply 1997 aka answer Me 1997!!

It's quite late because this drama was aired in 2012 yet I'm watching it in 2014... haha. Poor me!

I remember 2012 as a busy year due to my study in college so I didn't get much time to watch drama at that time. I've seen the kissing clip on Youtube several times but I didn't feel anything about it because ,honestly Seo In Guk wasn't my type. Some articles wrote about its huge popularity those days but still, I didn't have much free time. 
However better late than never, huh? I watched and finished it only in a day because this drama only consist of 16 episodes. Quiteshort regarding to nowadays drama which stands for at least 20 episodes.Aaannnddd, it does satisfied me with the plot, character and soundtrack of course!
You can say that today drama is so predictable even when they have great actor/actress starring on it. If you are truly KDrama lovers you can even guess some moments and the suitable dialogue easily. 

Reply 1997 is different than any other drama. It's unique for the flashback in a flashback. Sung Si Won and Yoon Yoon Jae were so sweet in their own ways. So many violence did by Si Won to Yoon Jae but that fool guy still love her so much.. hahaha. In the end, Si Won must tried to get Yoon Jae's faith again. 
I love this drama! Especially every kissing scene were worthy to watch.Seo In Guk is such a goooddd kisser!!! And Jung EunJi's acting was fabulous! 

credit to TvN

Some Funny Clips

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