Friday, March 23, 2012

(Prose&Poetry) Response Paper to Biography/Autobiography and Travel Writing

This is my response paper about Biography/Autobiography and Travel Writing and written to fulfill my college assignment. I'm not an expert though so if you found any mistaken please let me know by commenting below. Thank's!

Biography/Autobiography and Travel Writing

Biography, autobiography and travel writing talk about someone’s life journey. After finding out about this, I just realized that we are actually very familiar with this kind of writing and even write it without realizing that it is a biography,autobigraphy or travel writing. For example, when I read a book, I found a page which talk about the writer. It is a short autobiography or when I write in my diary about my journey to my mom’s hometown, for instance, I made a short travel writing..It doesn’t matter you are a famous person or not, you can still write it as long as you have something valuable to share.

The first autobiography I read was "What If I Had Never Tried It" a Valentino Rossi’s Autobiography. By reading an autobiography, I feel like I can jump into his world and understand every action he had done in his life. Everything untold, unseen and hidden in the media were written here. I think that every word he can’t say directly, can be said in his writing. Just like he tried to reveal his mask and tried to give his own reason on doing something like the accident with his rival Max Biagi. Even though people outside think that they were enemies, but deep inside Rossi felt that Biagi is just like his own reflection. He learned many things from him as a rival and as a ‘close friend’.

I also read a travel writing novel. It tells about a travelling to Spain, and around Europe. I can hardly believe that I feel just like I’m the one who do that. I could see how is Barcelona just by reading the book. How beautiful Prague is or even how hard the life there.

My conclusion is through biography/autobiography and travel writing, the writer warns us about the mistakes he made in his life and how to learn from it , encourages us with their spirit, and gives us a free travelling tour through papers.

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