Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Mediator Dream Cast Part 1

well, I just finished a novel series recommended by my friend, Cindy.
Yep, the writer is Meg Cabot who also wrote The Princess Diary Series...
These books told about a girl named Suze who has an ability to see the death...
She moved to California with her new family and lived in an old house when she met a handsome ghost waiting in her room..
She felt in love with this Spanish sexy ghost, Jesse De Silva.
I dreamed if I could make a movie about them, and I would make an audition first..
Here is my dream cast!

Susannah / Suze Simon

Lucy Hale ::

I always imagine her when I read the book.. She's cute and looks fashionable but strong just like Suze...

Jesse de Silva / Hector de Silva

Steven Strait

I was googling about Latin or Spanish actor when I found him...
He played as Caleb Danvers on The Covenant movie and he's so hot!

if you have some suggestion for the cast, just let me know :)


Anonymous said...

Yes for your picks just yes! You have a nearly perfect Jesse and the Suzannah is a great pick as well!

samantha30801 said...

Susannah is perfect. But for Jesse...well, not so perfect

Anonymous said...

Well for me their both perfect for the movie, I cant wait to see the premiere