Friday, July 23, 2010

How To Change Your Facebook Skin

Yeah! I'm so glad to find this stuff...
Getting bore with my facebook layout and when I was googling I found this one...
Ok here’s the steps to change the display Facebook Layout:

1. Log In / Login to your Facebook account
2. Install Plugins Add-on Yontoo Layers in, the select Firefox (windows or Mac)
3. Select “accept & continue” in the new Terms of Service
4. Install Yontoo Layers for firefox, after “Ready” is checked, click “Start Install”
5. Click “Allow” in the upper-right corner
6. Click “Install now”, and then “restart Firefox”
7. The following steps, please Login to your Facebook Account,
8. Then click on the link
9. Then please click “Allow”.
10. Now you can choose Facebook Layout that you want, click to select the layout on the link “select” in the image layout.

That’s how to change display Facebook layouts, and later We will show how to change Facebook Background and share list Web sites of Facebook Layouts sources.

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