Wednesday, January 13, 2010

TaeYang Osen Interview 093112

"JiYong and I
This year, G-Dragon and TaeYang took turns to promote their solo releases as in a relay race. It must have been a happy year for the Big Bang fans. Having been together ever since they first joined YGE 13 years ago, the two are best buddies but they can’t be more different. What does TaeYang think of G-Dragon?

TaeYang: “We’ve come to know our differences very well. JiYong absorbs new things very quickly and has the presence of an icon. He constantly reinvents himself and has a glamorous image in fashion as well as in music. Compared to him, I’m a bit simpler. The fact that the people who became fans of my music early on continue to listen to and love my music is what I’m most proud of.”

Credits: AlwaysTaeyang || ©OSEN; JungA Lee
Translated by: pgeorgie@AlwaysTaeYang
hunting by:: dailyme19

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